Obiter Research is a state-of-the-art facility encompassing 20,000 square feet of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly laboratory space designed for functionality. Our facility includes many features that enable our company to provide faster and more flexible operations with an eye on safety and material flow.


The facility is designed specifically for Obiter Research. Geothermal technology uses water in closed loops from wells connected to heat exchangers to heat and cool the facility.  This in combination with efficient low flow, low turbulence fume hoods creates an energy efficient well ventilated facility.


​Each of the four labs has workspace for 6 chemists and an additional Kilo scale suite. The labs have extra wide hallways allowing them to bring project specific equipment in and out easily and efficiently.


​​Our facilities include:​​

  • ​Two research and development labs with each lab containing six 8ft fume hoods.

  • Our kilo facilities feature eight 8ft walk-in fume hoods.

  • Analytical Laboratory

  • Chemical, Solvent and Equipment Storage Areas

  • All lab spaces contain extra wide aisles for ease of moving equipment used in a variety of processes.

  • Our roll out stock room houses our equipment that is built on wheels which facilitates our break down and set up processes.  This translates into a more efficient and smoothly run process for the multiple syntheses that take place on any given day.

  • Obiter houses its own 400 MHz NMR in a dedicated space, separate from the research and development labs.

  • Each lab bench has multiple workspaces. Each workspace is outfitted with its own power source which increases safety while running multiple projects.




Our In-House Equipment Includes:

  • Varian Inova, multi-probe 400-MHZ NMR system with auto sampler and variable temperature unit

  • 4 Analytical HPLC systems

  • 3 Preparative HPLC systems

  • 2 (1L) and 1 (50L) Jacketed glass reactors

  • Heating/cooling systems

  • Photochemical reactors

  • 2 Polarimeters

  • Ozonizer

  • 3 Parr hydrogenation apparatus

  • 2, 4, 6 and 8” Wiped Film Still

  • 9 R-220 Rotary Evaporators

  • 1- 75 L Glass Reactor

  • 1- 100 L Glass Reactor

  • 3 -150 L Glass Reactors

  • 2 -200 L Glass Reactors

  • 1 -300 L Glass Reactor

  • 1 50 G Glass on Steel Reactor

  • 3 - 14” Centrifuges

  • 1 -30" Basket Centrifuge

  • Falling Film Still

  • Pyrolysis Unit

  • Custom Built Flow Reactor

  • 500ml up to 10G Autoclaves with stirring mechanism

  • Equipment Fabrication Facility




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